Grace loves her man, but she must help export Nazi rocket engineers to the U. S. to save his life.

In Abundant Grace, Book 5 of THE GRACE SEXTET, Grace Lampley is drawn into Operation Paperclip, a U. S. effort to export German scientists and engineers to work in U. S. laboratories and universities on nuclear weapons, rockets, and products for waging chemical and biological warfare. Pictured here is the top Nazi scientist brought to the U. S., Wernher von Braun. The younger von Braun is pictured with Major General Walter Dornberger, later a top executive for the Bell Aircraft Corporation, where he helped develop the X-15. The older von Braun is pictured with General John B. Medaris and Brig. General Holger N. Toftoy, when von Braun was working at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.
Grace became ensnared in Operation Paperclip when she tried to get identification papers for Dirk Bergmann, an escaped German POW. She owed him for warning her that she was about to be swept up by the Gestapo for being a spy for the Allies while she was working as a clerk in the Ministry of Agriculture in the Government of the French State, in Vichy, France.
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